GOVguild - Good Work Life
GOVguild - Good Work Life

An esteemed network of APS in pursuit of the Good Work Life

The essential Professional Development network tailored exclusively to public sector professionals.



GOVguild is an exclusive network of APS professionals who are dedicated to enhancing their experiences and finding fulfillment in the Australian Public Service.

GOVguild members support each other through a vibrant peer network where they exchange ideas, perceptions, aspirations, and discoveries. This exchange facilitates enjoyment and the development of competence towards mastering the Good Work Life.

GOVguild provides members with a range of proven tools and techniques, including design thinking, mentoring, reflection, analytics, and insight. These tools and techniques help members develop the mindsets, practices, and habits necessary to build and maintain meaning, autonomy, and mastery in their work, and foster uplifting relationships that last a lifetime.

GOVguild's approach is based on principles of positive organisational psychology, modern motivation theory, and workplace wellbeing. It strategically complements the APS Planning and Performance cycle with a consistent, strengths-based process.

Through its empowering approach, GOVguild enables its members - the backbone of the APS - to tackle current and future challenges with clarity and confidence. By doing so, members play a critical role in fostering a positively energising culture and supporting the performance goals of the Australian Public Service.

The GOVguild 1% Challenge for APS6 members is an initiative aimed at improving their collective wellbeing by focusing on making small but consistent improvements. 

Research and evidence-based practice show that even a small improvement in individual wellbeing can have a ripple effect on others around them, leading to an overall improvement in the culture and productivity of the APS.

The benefits of the challenge include increased job satisfaction, engagement, and productivity, leading to better outcomes for the APS and Australians. It also fosters a sense of belonging and connection within the APS, encouraging collaboration and breaking down silos.

Ultimately, the challenge is about striving for ongoing mastery of the Good Work Life and asking the question "how good can it get?" 

By prioritising collective wellbeing, the challenge can create a positive ripple effect through the APS and beyond.

  • Globally recognised Art of Mentoring platform, peer-program and training
  • Scientifically validated quarterly Work on Wellbeing assessments
  • An all-inclusive Strengths Report tailored to who you are as a leader
  • Personalised LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® toolkit and fortnightly challenges
  • Good Work Modeling mastery based on a proven four step process
  • Best-practice Annual Performance Framework
  • Research-based Monthly Wellbeing Activities
  • Evidence-informed Weekly Reflections, Games, Quizzes and Challenges
  • Science-based Daily Micro Actions for a kinder and healthier APS
  • A positive and supportive Network of energising peers from across government
  • 24/7 secure access on any device
  • Full-time Guild Butler - anticipating the needs of APS6 heroes

  • Improved wellbeing and job satisfaction, leading to greater clarity, increased confidence and individualised goal attainment.
  • Access to a vibrant peer network, allowing for the exchange of perceptions, ideas, aspirations and discoveries, breaking down silos and promoting collaboration.
  • Development of key skills and mindsets for mastering the Good Work Life, building self-efficacy and enhancing career prospects.
  • Increased motivation, engagement, and resilience, leading to better performance and adaptivity in a rapidly changing work environment.
  • Empowerment to contribute to the culture and performance goals of the Australian Public Service, making a real difference to the lives of Australians.

  • Improved workplace culture: As GOVguild members develop a greater sense of wellbeing and fulfilment, this positivity and engagement will radiate outwards, improving the culture of the workplace and fostering a sense of collaboration and innovation.
  • Increased productivity: GOVguild members are better equipped to manage stress and realise their strengths, leading to increased productivity, efficiency and quality of work.
  • Enhanced retention rates: By providing support and tools for mastering the Good Work Life GOVguild can help agencies reduce absenteeism and retain positively energising and fulfilled employees.
  • Improved workplace health and safety: By prioritising wellbeing, GOVguild can help reduce the risk of workplace stress, burnout, and other health and safety issues, improving the overall health and wellbeing of APS6 employees.
  • Increased adaptability and resilience: As members develop their self-efficacy and build a support network, they become better equipped to adapt to changing work demands and challenges, leading to greater resilience and flexibility in the face of adversity.

Q. Who can join GOVguild?

A. Govguild is open to all APS6 working in the Australian Public Service.

Q: How do I go about joining GOVguild?

A1: Talk with your manager about including the GOVguild Membership in your Performance Agreement. Please utilise the comprehensive support documentation at the end of the Q&A's to assist you and your manager in making an informed decision.

A2: Registration is made through the "Choose a Plan" tab at the top of this site and completing the secure online payment with a corporate credit card.

A3: For agencies preferring a Tax Invoice for payment please contact us at [email protected].  

Q: When can I join GOVguild?

A: You can join GOVguild at anytime. 

Q: When does the Govguild Membership run from?

A:  Memberships run for 12-months, from when you join.

Q: Can I renew my GOVguild membership?

A: Yes, you can renew your GOVguild membership at the end of your 12-month membership period. GOVguild is specially designed to support APS6 employees in pursuing and mastering the Good Work Life throughout their years in the APS.

Q: Can I cancel my GOVguild membership and receive a refund?

A: GOVguild has a no refund policy memberships, as memberships run for 12-months.  However, if there are extenuating circumstances, please contact GOVguild for further information.

Q: How does GOVguild ensure the security and privacy of member data?

A: GOVguild takes the security and privacy of member data seriously and implements appropriate measures to protect it. Technology partners are vetted to ensure they are storing data on secure servers, using encryption where appropriate, and limiting access to data to authorised personnel only.  Your personal information will only be used for the purposes of administering your membership.

Q: Can I share classified, sensitive or confidential information at GOVguild?

A: No, GOVguild is not appropriate for sharing classified, sensitive or confidential information.  Members should exercise discretion and support each other in following APS security and Code of Conduct protocols when discussing work-related matters.

Q. How does GOVguild support the limited time and busy schedules of APS6 employees?

A. GOVguild recognises that APS6 employees have limited time and busy schedules, which is why our offerings are designed to be personalised, on-demand, and asynchronous.  We use a Challenge by Choice approach to ensure that members can participate in our experiences and quests based on their Good Work Life goals and comfort level.  Our programs are also designed to be flexible and fit in with the flow of life, regardless of your location, leave or working arrangements.  Whether you're based outside of Canberra, work remotely, or have a busy schedule, GOVguild's offerings are tailored to support member's pursuit and mastery of the Good Work Life in the APS.

Q: What is the recommended time commitment for GOVguild?

A: We recommend that members commit an average of at least 10 minutes per day to engage with GOVguild. Our quests and experiences are designed to be flexible and fit in with the flow of your daily life, so you can choose how much time you spend on them each day.  However, by committing at least 10 minutes per day, you can make consistent progress toward the Good Work Life and stay connected with the GOVguild network.

Q: Can members of GOVguild suggest new experiences or quests?

A: GOVguild is a learning community and the input and ideas of our members are highly-valued.  Members are encouraged to submit their ideas to our Central Office of Really Good Ideas (CORGI).  The CORGI works to develop new experiences or quests to improve and expand the adventure to support our members in their Good Work Life journey.  

Q: What is the GOVguild Member's Lounge?

A: The GOVguild Member's Lounge is a virtual space exclusively for our members.  It's a place where members can connect with each other, share ideas, and engage in discussions on a range of professional topics.  The lounge is hosted on a secure, members-only platform that is accessible 24/7, so members can participate whenever it's convenient for them.  It's a great way to stay connected and build a network.

Q: What is the Good Work Life in the APS?

A: The Good Work Life is a meaningful and fulfilling life in the Australian Public Service, characterised by high-wellbeing, positive energy, relational energy, and virtuous actions that could lead to positively deviant results.  It is a life that cultivates what is best within ourselves and enhances our experiences.

Q: Is there any further information you could provide to assist me in gaining my manager's approval to endorse a GOVguild membership?

Yes.  The Butler has prepared a comprehensive approval suite to save you time and provide your supervisor with the information they will need to make an informed-decision. 

  1. Download a PDF of the GOVguild Membership Flip-book below.
  2. Download a draft 'Approval Request' below and adapt as necessary to support your application.
  3. Combine the two to make a comprehensive request.

GOVguild Membership.pdf


For further information please contact The Butler 

The Butler's role in GOVguild is to guide members on their journey to master the Good Work Life in the Australian Public Service. The Butler ensures that members are equipped to succeed, connect them with fellow members, and aims to deliver a high level of service that exceeds expectations.

Committed to making it easy for members to access and pursue the Good Work Life in the APS. The Butler aims to orchestrate a unique, holistic experience that empowers members to identify, track, and achieve their goals, leading to the Good Work Life they seek.

The Butler also curates and maintains a thriving social-first ecosystem that promotes collaboration and enables members to form lifetime bonds. Additionally, The Butler designs the GOVguild experiences to fit in with the rhythm of the APS, agency work, and the lives of all members.